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The above quote embodies the entirely selfish motivation for the creation of this blog. I have some less than useful habits I'd like to shed, so I thought I'd collect some useful tips and aids to my goal, and maybe someone else out there can benefit too.

My main habit that I want to overcome will sound trivial, but over the months and years, it has gobbled up many hours (days and weeks in fact), which otherwise may have been productive. Every time I sit down at the computer, I end up flicking up a Solitaire or Freecell game, and wasting time. I am especially vulnerable when waiting for software to load or internet to connect or anything which doesn't happen nice and quick.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Want to lose a little weight?

One of the most useful habits I can think of for someone to form, would be the habit of constructing and using short, simple affirmations towards achieving your goals.

The other day I set the intention to start my weight reducing, rather than put up with the status quo (88kg - ouch, thats 194lb! - in the doctors surgery the other day). You may want to detail other statistics like waist measurements, BMI etc, but I am not the least bit interested in getting that fancy. I just want my weight numbers to get smaller. Plain and simple.

So I came up with these couple of affirmations which I can repeat to myself as and when I choose. You will probably come up with something quite different, or you may like to just use these and plug your own numbers in.

I eat when I'm hungry, and I'm hungry when I eat.

I weigh 85kg (187lb). I am an 85kg (187lb) woman.

Okay, I can hear the roar of protest. What good is a 3kg (61/2lb) weight loss when you are more than 20kg (44lb)overweight? Well, there is a reason for this. If for example I used 65kg (143lb), my mind would automatically ask me "who do you think you are kidding?", or something along those lines. In other words there would be a disbelieving "tailender" everytime I said it. Or at least that's been my experience. However, 85kg (187lb) is believable, and presumably very achievable in a relatively short space of time.

For this exercise, I am in no particular hurry. I just want to see the numbers start to head in the right direction. So in about a month from now, I will check my weight to see what the result is. I should probably say these morning and night and several times during the day.

You will notice I have not mentioned anything about food or diet in this post. This is because I believe that weight issues, up or down, start in the mind. If I get the mental side of things sorted, the rest will follow, or at least, that's my theory.

And if you really feel ready to make a change, you will get all the right support tools for the mental side of things, at this site. I could say "Best of Luck", but if you purchase and implement these programs, you wont need luck. Feel free to join me, and comment your results as you go.

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  1. Okay, its well past the month when I expected to update this, but a week or so ago, I weighed myself, and no, I do not weigh 85 kg. The sorry truth is that the scales still read 88kg. I suppose, being after the Christmas feasting and festivity, this news is not all bad. However I only kept up my affirmations for a week or two, and then they gradually faded away. So I still couldn't tell you if they work, or don't work. duh!

    So there's an obvious trap. How do you maintain your motivation to make the change? If I were sufficiently motivated, we would have seen a much different result, dont you think?